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You can locate venue maps under our Schedule tab


Direction Details

Heading West from Edmonton - stay on the Yellowhead Highway (16) for 242 km. Turn left onto Range Road 213 watching for flags and signs for A.O.A.E. on the highway. Travel approximately 1.5 km to the gate following the directional signs.


Heading East from Jasper - stay on the Yellowhead Highway (16) for 122 km. Turn right onto Range Road 213 watching for flags and signs for A.O.A.E. on the highway. Travel approximately 1.5 km to the gate following the directional signs.


Google Maps has the direction correct when you type in “Medicine Lodge Rodeo Grounds”.



You have three area choices, forest, lake, or open area. Please have a look at the maps and here is also a YouTube video of the venue to help you decide,


Please note that there is a train running by the grounds, we recommend earplugs if you are easily woken by the noise. We apologize but this cannot be controlled.


The quiet hours are 1:00 AM to 7:00 AM, security will be around to ensure all fires are put out by 2:00 AM.


Speed Limit

The speed limit on the grounds is 10 km/hour (crawl speed) as there will be adults and children walking around the grounds.



Alcohol is not to be consumed anywhere but at your campsite or in the beer gardens.



Dogs are welcome but must be kept on a leash around the grounds. There are farm animals and wildlife in the area so please prepare accordingly. Please clean up after your pet.


Purchases On the Grounds

The AOA Expo services accept cash or card. Vendors will each have their own means of accepting payments. No ATM is available on site.​


Facilities On-Site

The Medicine Lodge Rodeo Grounds will have porta-potties located throughout the grounds. You can also access potable water located in the food vendor area as needed.


There is no electricity or Wi-Fi on the grounds for attendee use, so please plan accordingly with portable battery chargers, propane heaters/AC, etc.


The trout pond is available for your use anytime, however, a fishing license is required for here and the McLeod River.


There is a covered dance hall, rodeo grandstand seating area, large tents, and many picnic tables that can be used for dining or socializing as desired when classes are not using the spaces.


We recommend having an umbrella handy if it rains and for classes/demonstrations that do not occur in covered areas to protect from sun exposure.​


There is a playground area available for family use anytime.



There are some fire pits located throughout the grounds, but we encourage group gatherings as there are not enough for all individuals. We will also have fires going within the group gathering area; meet and mingle with some incredible people during your time with us!


Should there be a fire ban in effect, propane pits are allowed and will be our backup plan for the group area in this circumstance.


Firewood may be available on-site, however, it is not covered and could be wet should we experience rain prior to or during the event. Quantity may also be limited. We encourage you to bring your own as a precaution.



Please consider donating as you purchase your ticket to help the venue owners cover the cost of stocking the pond with fish. We feel this environmental benefit is important and we wish to continue to have access to it at future events for your enjoyment. Donations can be made upon checkout.


Footwear and traveling the grounds

Please ensure you bring good footwear for walking the grounds. There is a large distance between areas, especially the McLeod River and the Archery range.


We recommend bringing a bicycle for quick travel. ATVs are not allowed, but if you require a mobility scooter for your daily mobility purposes please contact our team and we will work with you to ensure you can enjoy the weekend.



Seating is not provided in all areas that classes may run. We recommend bringing a lightweight chair if you wish to sit during presentations.


Cooking Contest

Join in the fun! Sunday at 7:00 PM we will be judging your best catch and cook Trout dish. Get creative with this ingredient and let the judges decide who wins the ultimate prize! Cooking is to be done on an individual basis and brought to judging Trout are caught in one of the two stocked lakes. Please write up a little card with the name of your dish and ingredients, just to manage any possible allergies of the judges.


When the Expo Is Over

Vendor and food sales end on Sunday evening, however, weekend campers and vendors are not required to leave the grounds until Monday morning. We ask that all guests clean and pack up their camping area with the intent to leave the Medicine Lodge Rodeo Grounds by 10:00 AM.

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